NewsON24: The pattern to digital occasions shouldn’t be reversible

Martech: Sales ON24: The trend to virtual events is not reversible ON24 launches Conversion Tools to put intent data in the hands of SDRs. Kim Davis on September 30, 2020 at 10:39 am More ON24, the digital experience platform focused on virtual events and webinars, today announced the launch of ON24 Conversion Tools, a set of solutions designed to support insights into buying signals and enable sales teams to prioritize and personalize interactions with leads. These tools join the existing set of ON24 Engagement Tools which track audience engagement with virtual content through polls, surveys, Q&A, etc. The demand for virtual. With new opportunities evidently being created for virtual experience vendors, we asked Sharat Sharan, co-founder and President-CEO, for his reflections on the current environment. “In these unfortunate times, when the physi..
Filpucci Gift Boxes

NewsFilpucci Present Bins

CAROSELLO designed a Christmas gift box for Filpucci, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end creative knitwear yarns.​​​​​​​The box contained a reusable water bottle and a glass coffee mug, as requested by Filpucci. But we wanted to add something unique for Filpucci’s clients: a new tree for each of them. We suggested a partnership with Treedom and a…