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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. What would it be like for your business to never miss another call? Nothing scares away new business like hard-to-reach customer service or disorganized sales calls. Adopt the best call center software and you will outfit your teams with the tools they need to communicate effectively. Today, an affordable call center is within reach of any business with an internet connection. Forget about the requirements of a physical office space, infrastructure, or even a business phone system. Modern call center software is all you need to get up and running. You still have the hard work of engaging your customers and clients, but all the heavy lifting associated with maintaining a call center is off your plate. The Top 5 Options For Call Center Software Five9 – Best for Blended Call CentersAircall – Best for Collaboration8×8 Contact Center – Best for EnterpriseDialpad ..

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It seems like every week there’s a new article about how people don’t use Facebook anymore. You may hear that it’s only for “old people,” that it’s not relevant, that brands are abandoning it. Thing is, that’s just not supported by the user data. In reality, Facebook has barely seen a slowdown in audience growth at any point in the last 12 years. It’s been super consistent: With approximately 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is comfortably bigger than Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram combined. So what does this tell us? Simply put, if you’re a brand, you can’t afford to ignore Facebook. It might not be your audience’s favorite social platform, but they’ll almost certainly be on there, which means you need to be, too. You should be using it to promote your products, advertise your brand, and generally represent your company. The starting point for all of those things is your Facebook Business Page. Your current and prospective customers or subscribers will visit i..
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Rebranding, with logotype and a series of applications for KIOU coffee – bar, focusing at the new workshop and its tasteful salty and sweet specialties.We developed the new identity positioning at the epicenter the family’s name initial letter, presented through art nouveau forms and colors, as to be harmonized with the decorative character of the…